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The short answer, no.

You really don’t need a second photographer. You can get through an entire wedding day without including this enhancement in your budget and still have an incredible gallery of photos to look back on. But there are some pretty amazing perks if your budget will allow for it.

But Tricia, why would you offer something but then tell me NO, it isn’t really necessary? Because a goal with my business is to be transparent with my clients and educate them where I can. So no, having two photographers isn’t necessary. I’ve shot, and will continue to shoot, weddings as a solo lead shooter. It won’t interfere with me from serving you the best that I can if you choose not to include them in your wedding photography collection.

But today, I’m going share with you why you would love to have a second photographer on your wedding day.

Because when you hire two photographers for your wedding day with me, you are going to have not only myself as your lead photographer (yay!) but a second photographer who is just as talented and passionate about capturing your day as I am. Those who join me behind the cameras are also industry professionals who will help enhance your love story through photo form.

Here’s why I love having them with me on your wedding day!


My favorite reason for having a second photographer on a wedding day is all about perspectives. We can capture the same moment from two different angles and document the emotions from all sides.

Take the ceremony for example. I will typically stand at the front of the aisle to photograph the bride coming down the aisle and be there to capture the groom’s reaction. While the second shooter will be at the back of the aisle, shooting the intimate moments before she walks down the aisle. One of my favorite photos is going to be from their view point, the back of the dress as she goes to meet her soon-to-be husband!

And the First Look is another great moment to have two angles. It is such an emotional and intimate moment between the couple. Two photographers allows us to tell the story of both the bride and the groom.

I could go on and on about the different perspectives were able to get throughout the day. I think it really brings a more editorial style wedding gallery together in the end.



Similar, but not the same as above. But I love candid photos! The second photographer will focus heavily on candid photographs for you. I’ll be providing directions and posing throughout moments that require it but other photographer will be grabbing candid moments for us!



We will plan, plan and plan some more to ensure everything will run smoothly on the wedding day. But sometimes, timelines get behind but moments are still happening. Instead of rushing through the moments creating a stressful environment, this is where we can divide and conquer!

Or if you have two different getting ready locations for the bridal parties, this is where we will also divide and succeed. You will have a lead photographer at both locations!


More Photos

It may go without saying, but having two photographers will increase the number of photos in your wedding gallery. I won’t go as far to say as it doubles your images but you will definitely get more! I do not limit the number of photos a couple will receive, I will provide all of the best images of your day because that is something I would want, too!

I’ve personally been a second shooter for many weddings with other industry leaders and can share from my experience, that they will show up to serve you as much as the lead photographer that you hired for your day. You can except to have two friendly, loving photographers to show up for you, your family and your guests. This photo below was taken while second shooting with my friend Lindsey McDonald Photography! Check her out for your Kentucky Wedding day 🙂


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Do I need a Second Photographer?

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