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So I unintentionally skipped our March update so I’m just going to wrap everything into a March and April recap this month! To be honest, the months have been pretty much the same. Quarantine and social distancing life has set in and we’ve been making the best of it!

At the beginning of March, I drove out to Oklahoma to stay with Zack for a “little bit.” With everything going on with COVID, we never put a “going home” date on the calendar. And here we are at the beginning of May and I’m still here, haha! We’ve been loving this extra time together!

We have been living in extremely small quarters but we’ve honestly made it work! We’ve made a one bed hotel room as homey as we could. We did have to take the time to organize everything to make the space as efficient as possible. Another adjustment? There’s NO KITCHEN! What?! We were lucky Zack had thought to purchase an instant pot before he drove out here! It’s been a life safer!

It is easy to get bogged down in the negativity in the world around us. So I’ve taken the time to share some positives that have come out of this pandemic for us!

Positivity is KEY!

  1. I’ve learned to cut my husband’s hair and he LOVES it! He says he won’t ever have to go back to the barber again. I’ll call this an #Army WifeWin
  2. Since we’ve been eating out less, I have actually been making the Instant Pot Recipes I save on Pinterest! We host a family dinner for us and the couple across the hall every Wednesday and so far Pot Roast has been a hit and I’m definitely saving the Creamy Garlic Pork Chops as a “must have again!!”
  3. Zack and I agree that our relationship is stronger than ever. We’ve laughed and enjoyed our way through this quarantine together. Can you believe we are coming up on our one year anniversary!?
  4. One last positive I’m excited to share is that we officially have a home in North Carolina!! After a virtual FaceTime tour, we were IN LOVE with a small country styled home just outside of Southern Pines, North Carolina. It comes complete with a fenced in yard and a doggy door! 🙂


Outside of trying to find the positivity in things, we are continuing to stay active. Zooey keeps me going on walks and Zack has encouraged me to pick up running again. I forgot how great it feels to put in some miles on a warm day! I miss the gym SO MUCH but I’m glad to have other ways of keeping fit and sane!

Here are a few photos from our time together these past two months! We’ve got a lot coming up in May and June! Warning… there are LOTS of Zooey photos, haha! Enjoy 🙂

Zooey on our road trip to OK!

These Pork Chops are my most favorite meal yet! Click HERE for the recipe!

creamy garlic pork chops

The biggest pizza I had ever seen!!!

the biggest pizza!

dog on hotel bedThis is our cute friend, Mara! We love her and her brother Finn!

I’ve taken more CLOUD photos than ever before!! The sky is so mesmerizing here!!

clouds on pretty day

Zooey has gotten TOO comfortable (and spoiled!) This photo of her little paw on the desk while Zack holds her cracks me up!

zooey is getting too comfortable

We’ve been running A WHOLE BUNCH! This is one of our most frequent paths.

running down side walk zooey dog with ball

“Zooey’s Spot”

We don’t eat out often…. but when we do…. we go all in! My favorite, Outback!

My babies at sunset right before we ate a grilled dinner 🙂

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Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017



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