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Imagine this…


You’re starting to check the mail more and more lately. You sent out your wedding invitations to all of your guests and the responses are starting to come back in! YAY! But you’ve noticed on a few of them, the guest responded with “attending” and checked their meal option but forgot to fill in a very important detail… their name. Continue reading for a quick wedding invitations tip to avoid not knowing who your responses came from.


How do you know who it belongs too? You know you have two guests excited to attend. But who are they?


This happened to us while we planning our wedding, too. We received four blank RSVPs in the mail with no way to track who it was. Surely, you can use the process of elimination. And reach out to those who didn’t respond personally and get their response… which is ultimately what we did.


But what if you could avoid that all together by having another strategy in place?


It can save time and uncertainty! I read this piece of advice earlier this week and wish I had read it last year. So I wanted to share it with those couples who are planning their wedding now.

To know which RSVP belongs to who, even if the guests forgets to write their name on it, use a numbering system!


Create a spreadsheet and assign each guest with a number. Initial the bottom corner of their RSVP with the matching number. So if/when you receive an unnamed RSVP back in the mail, just match it to the number signed in the corner and viola! You know exactly who it belongs to 🙂


During our wedding planning process, we used a Google Spreadsheet shared between the two of us to track most of our wedding guest information. It would have been simple to add this to our process. The more you know! I hope you enjoyed this wedding invitations tip and found it useful!


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Wedding Invitations Tip

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